PURAK Magnetic Limescale Protection

Unique in the world for technology and results.

Purak prevents limescale formation up to 99%

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Water purity is an absolute value and a richness, thanks to Purak, available to everyone. Born after years of research and development, it is your best ally to fight the limescale. Purak, thanks to its innovative technology, completely eliminates limescale from the water without the addition of additives. You know that limescale is a major cause of failure of appliances, water systems or equipment of your business? Thanks to Purak you have a triple savings:

  1. Electrical appliances, boilers, technical equipment last longer;
  2. Maintenance costs are lower;
  3. Energy saving;

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Magnetic Limescale Protection PURAK


We are convinced of the quality of the product so as to give you a Money Back Guarantee.

To obtain the alignment of polarity along the inner surface the magnetic limescale protection PURAK is composed of special magnetic rings made with a mixture of magnetized rare earth metals embedded in a ceramic base, and sintered.

The magnetic limescale protection PURAK was tested at the Laboratory of Industrial Measurements, University of Cassino, Faculty of Engineering, with Test Report 185/11.

The mineralogical analysis of the precipitates (calcite and aragonite) was performed with X-ray diffraction analysis and showed irrefutably high concentrations of calcite (limescale) in water NOT treated with the magnetic lime protection PURAK, while water treated with the PURAK, contained only very small quantities or virtually no calcite (limescale).